January 22, 2008

the New Year is upon us

Well the New Year is upon us, and in Colorado we are in the middle of an artic cold front. Yes, it is cold. When I started my car this morning it was -2 and is supposed to be in the 20's today.

John's 8th birthday is this Saturday, January 26th, and we will be spending it in Las Vegas at a Lamb Feeders convention. What you say??? Well ever since John was born, he has been spending his birthday somewhere other than at home. What are you going to do when the convention falls on his birthday every year? He'll be one little guy that can say that he has been . . . on his birthday, and here. . .

My goal for the year is to update The Speckled Goose blog at least weekly. Sometimes it may be about the store, and other times it may be about the ramblings of farm life.

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