March 30, 2009

Art Night Out - Friday April 10th from 6 pm - 10 pm


Celebrate an evening along Lafayette's Public Road

Friday, April 10th, 6pm-10pm

Art Receptions, Live Music, Latin Dance Performances, Poetry Readings, Dining &

Sponsored by the Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission and pARTiculars
For more information on Art Night Out visit:

Please note that this is not an all inclusive list of participating businesses. The Speckled Goose will be participating, but is not listed.

Hope to see all of you Friday night on April 10th.

March 26, 2009

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Well it looks like the weather people might have finally gotten the snow forcast right this time. I am stuck at home today with a 9 yr old that needs to go outside and play, but too much wind and snow, but hey he did get a good coat, snow pants, and snow boots for Christmas. Think I came up with an idea. ha ha

March 22, 2009

We have a set of Triplets

Got up this morning to find a set of very new triplets. Mom and babies are doing great. No pics yet as I left the camera at the store.

Now I must get back to work, and a little hawk and eagle watching.

Have a great Sunday. The weather is beautiful here in Colorado but it supposed to turn tomorrow.
Have a great Sunday.

March 21, 2009

Sutton Center Bald Eagle Nest Cam 2009 - update

Newer update ~ I have seen the eaglet and got to watch the first feeding. So cute watching both mom and dad there. The eaglet is a little grey fluff ball.

We have an eaglet. I haven't seen it yet, it hatched last night. Why do all the birthings happen at night when we're sleeping?

Here is the link again if you haven't saved it to you favorites.

Have a great weekend.

March 20, 2009

We have BABIES

Woke up to our first set of Twins this morning. What a great day to have a new set of babies, on the First Day of Spring.

Below is a picture of mom and babies, one boy and one girl. Not a great picture, but I'll get another one when the sun is in the other direction.

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March 18, 2009

More Wildlife Live Cameras

You're not going to believe this, but I found some more webcams, and yes I have been getting a lot of work done while I watch the eagles and hawks.

This girl has 2 little ones that she is taking care of. It is so cool to watch mom and dad feed the babies.

This one has the eagles in Sutton (OK), and then in Tulsa, OK there is a red hawk and her mate sitting on a set of eggs. They are supposed to hatch in April.

At this website there is also a dialog box so that you can talk with other people around the world watching these birds. I haven't signed on to talk with anyone yet, but there is some good info on the birds, their habits, and much more.

This red hawk is so pretty.

I hope you all enjoy watching all of these small wonders as I do. Mark isn't as excited as I am, but then he is a man.

March 17, 2009

What's New This Week

I don't know about all of you, but I have really been enjoying watching the eagles. They are so pretty. I love this time of year. We are expecting lambs in the very near future. When we get some, I'll post pictures of them. They are so cute when they are small, but then I think they're cute when the get bigger also.

I took pictures of the new stitchery's, but I need to get them sized so that I can get them posted. I also got in the store some wonderfully smelling grubby taper candles in a variety of colors and fragrances.

The weather has been wonderful here in Colorado. I can't believe the winter we have had here. It is in the 70's again this week. This weekend I actually got some organizing done in the garage.

March 14, 2009

Sutton Center Bald Eagle Nest Cam 2009 - update

Boy is this girl really fussing with her nest and eggs today. I have even seen her mate a few times today. She is so pretty, and I have really enjoyed watching her.

Stay tuned for additional updates.

March 11, 2009

More Wildlife Live Cameras

Thanks to Carolyn for sharing. This is so much fun watching these animals. I hope you enjoy. On this one you even get to hear the eagle talk. How cool is that????? Watch her eat and fluff her nest.

March 10, 2009

Sutton Center Bald Eagle Nest Cam 2009

I found this link on one of my favorite blogs. How cool is this watching a live eagle hatch her eggs????? According to the website estimated hatch date is March 15th. Only 5 days away. I'll be watching. Hope you will also. I have posted the link below.

I'll be pulling this up at home for John to watch. I am so excited that I found this. Thanks AJ of

March 9, 2009

What's New this week at The Speckled Goose

Last week I got a lot accomplished and it sure felt good. I finished a few pillows, got a few stitchery's framed, and a few more stitchery's and pillows ready to finish.

This week I am putting a few more stitchery's into frames, and stuffing a couple more pillows. And then I have to stain a few more, figure out what I am going to do with them, and then get them added to the store and website.

I have a few more really pretty quilts in the store, bunnies, and some prim hearts.

I am in the process of taking pictures and will get them posted later today.

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Spring Forward

Boy was it rough getting up this morning. I sure wish that they would leave the time at this time change. It takes me at least 2 weeks to get used to it. John wasn't very happy this morning either.

Oh well, what are we going to do?? Colorado weather has turned a little cold this week. We have been so spoiled the last few weeks. I am ready for warmer weather, but we really need the moisture.

March 4, 2009

New Candle Fragrances in Votive cups

New candle fragrances in the shoppe that are already poured into a glass votive cup.
These are great as they are already to use, just pop them into your candle holder, or use in one of our new candle warmers.

New spring fragrances include:

Country Cottage
~ Is a really nice, yet different fragrance featuring Apples, Peaches, Limes and a hint of Musk.

~ Is Fun & Fruity.

Pickin' Wildflowers
~ is wild roses, lavender, and heliotrope blend perfectly with chamomile, tiger lilies, and jasmine. If you really sniff you can even catch a faint hint of the dandelion and dogwood.

After Dinner Mint ~
Is extremely buttery and creamy smelling with all important mint thrown in.

Tea Rose ~
Is a beautiful rose scent. True to its name and delicate.

And then more of the old favorites including Bed of Roses, Lavendar, Lilac, and so much more.

New Candle Fragrances at the Shoppe

Since spring is in the air here in Colorado I thought that I should get some great spring soy candle fragrances in the shoppe.

In the 8 oz jars we have:

Hugs and Kisses ~ is a creative fresh blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley and rose petals.

Bed of Roses ~ is a really pretty blend of rose, powders & musk.

Sugar Cookies
~ is a delicious cookie fragrance that will make your stomach growl. Very rich & creamy.

Lavendar ~ has powerful scent, said to have relaxing properties.

Lilac ~ is not a perfume scent, smells just like the flower!

Herb Garden ~ is a nice fragrance is perfect for anyone that enjoys "earthy" fragrances.

And we have our old favorites ~ Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee, Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon, Amaretto Coffee, and so much more.

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March 2, 2009

Wrestling Tournament this weekend

I didn't have much time off this weekend. John had a state wrestling tournament Saturday and Sunday. I went on Sunday and got to watch. It sure is a lot of fun. Then Mark and John took me to Bass Pro Shops. Boy is that place huge place. John got to fish for a while. By the time we got there the fish were pretty tired and full. They weren't biting too much, but he finally got one caught.

What I am working on this week.

I will be adding a new section each week to the blog - What I am working on this week. Well what am I working on this week? I am working on paper work so that I can get all of my tax stuff ready. I don't like this time of year.

As far as crafting I am working on stitcheries, and more stitcheries, and Pugs. Yes pugs. I am working on a few pug stitcheries. Boy are they turning our really cute. The weather is so wonderful here that I also want to get outside and work in the flowers, but it is way too early for that.

We are having record highs in Colorado this week. It was 65 degrees on my way to work this morning at 9 am. Can you believe that?

I have added a few more new items to my website. Be sure to check back often as I am adding new items each week.

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