December 11, 2008

Goal setting for 2009 atThe Speckled Goose

I am working on my goals and creating ideas for the coming year and I would like to know what you, customers of The Speckled Goose, would like to see in the store this next year.

Are you looking for more cottage decor, more western style decor, more primitive decor, more lodge decor, or a more neutral decor. Are you looking for an outlet to purchase more linens? Are you looking for more girlie items? handbags, jewelry, scarves, or more bath and body? Are you looking for more paper crafts? Scrapbook pages ready to add photos, photo calendars? complete photo albums and all you do is add photos?

Please try to be specific also, as in, stitcheries, more handpainted items, more dolls, more furniture, etc.

And for taking your time to let me know what you would like to see in The Speckled Goose, I will give each and every one of you that respond, a $10.00 FREE gift certificate to The Speckled Goose as my way of saying Thank You.

Please email me your thoughts to: and mention 2009 goals in the subject line. You can either pick up your gift certificate at the store, or I will mail to you. Your choice.

The gift certificate will be redeemable either in person at the store or on-line at:

Again, Thank you for participating and helping me set goals for the store for next year.