March 18, 2010

~ What's New this Week ~

It is a beautiful day in Colorado. Supposed to be in th high 60s and tomorrow they are forcasting for 5-10 inches of snow. Only in Colorado.

If you haven't had time to check out the eagle cams, I recomend you do. It is such wonderful watching, and an educational experience for all. I haven't checked out very many camera yet this spring, but I must get on it. The Sutton Center Eagles have laid 3 eggs, and are really taking great care of them. I have gotten to watch the changing of the guard a couple of times so far. The guys behind these camera do such a great job, and don't get enough thanks for credit. When you visit, please give them your thanks also.

No, Eagle watching is not all I have been getting done. =) I have been doing lots of other things, but I do have the camera up most of the time. =) it is in the corner of my computer screen.

Ok, on to what else has been going on. Easter cards, Easter tags, Easter baskets, and oh, did I tell you I am working on Easter stuff? We have primitive bunnies, we have bunnies made out of vintage chinelle, we have spring pillows, and are adding more garden items all the time.

Several more items have been added to the websites, and I am still add more daily. If you haven't stopped by recently, please do and see what has been added.

John has a music concert tonight, so what should be fun. He is not looking forward to it. Boys - he would rather be out playing baseball, hunting the birds, or anything else boys do.

Hope you all have a great day, and week.

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