November 4, 2010

What's new at The Speckled Goose

It was brought to my attention today that I need to get back to blogging. I have been away from it since my mother was sick this summer. I agreed with Helen, and decided that there is no better time to get back at it.

What has been happening at the Goose you ask? Well, we have moved into a new space within Noble Treasures, and I have a lot more time to create which I am loving. I am missing the daily intereaction with customers, although I still get to do that at Noble Treasures.

I have been working long hours on my printables, graphics, and making cards, tags, recipe cooks, and more for the store.

I am off and back to work. You all have a great weekend, and I'll be back with lots more!!

Nancie, Haley d'Pug & Bear (wanna be Pug)