January 10, 2011

Have you thought about your 2011 goals yet?

Have you all started on your 2011 goals? I have - I have goals for my business, and personal goals. I have put my goals where I can see them daily, and I have added dates to most of them as to when I want them accomplished by.

How do you keep track of your goals? Have you set any yet? Below is a list of some of my goals for this year:

Personal: Clean out the spice cabinet, and clean out the pots and pans cabinet.

Goals for my office - add more shelves, organize greeting cards, tabs, tea bag envelopes by season, and put into photo boxes.
Business: Add 30 new items to The Speckled Goose, Scrapper & Stamper weekly, blog three times weekly, add montly pictures of The Speckled Goose located inside Noble Treaures, and make sure that my websites are backed up at least weekly, and more often if new items have been added.

This is just a few of my 2011 goals. I hope this has gotten you thinking about creating some goals for yourself.

Have a great week, and happy goal setting.


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