March 4, 2009

New Candle Fragrances in Votive cups

New candle fragrances in the shoppe that are already poured into a glass votive cup.
These are great as they are already to use, just pop them into your candle holder, or use in one of our new candle warmers.

New spring fragrances include:

Country Cottage
~ Is a really nice, yet different fragrance featuring Apples, Peaches, Limes and a hint of Musk.

~ Is Fun & Fruity.

Pickin' Wildflowers
~ is wild roses, lavender, and heliotrope blend perfectly with chamomile, tiger lilies, and jasmine. If you really sniff you can even catch a faint hint of the dandelion and dogwood.

After Dinner Mint ~
Is extremely buttery and creamy smelling with all important mint thrown in.

Tea Rose ~
Is a beautiful rose scent. True to its name and delicate.

And then more of the old favorites including Bed of Roses, Lavendar, Lilac, and so much more.