May 16, 2009

What's New This Week

Where to start? So much has been going on the last couple of weeks. There are a lot of new items in the store, and I still haven't gotten pictures taken. That is my chore for today. Yesterday I dug up weeds, turned dirt, and planted shrubs on the west side of the building. I only got half of the area done so far, but it is looking good. I am sooooo excited. So take a look and let me know what you think of my choice of colors.

I have all of my spring flowers planted, and the bulbs that Mark and John gave me for Mother's Day. They are sitting right next to the front door of the store and look sooooo pretty. I love this time of year.

Oh I know what else, I took pictures of our babies last night. I'll get them uploaded and posted today. They are so cute to watch play and run around. One of them even thinks that his mom is a jungle jim. He jumps up and down on her back when she is laying down, and she just lays there. What a great mom.

Ok I have to get back to picture taking. I have sooo much new stuff in the store to show all of you. Have a great weekend, and I hope you enjoy the pictures of our babies. I do love to watch them play.
Nancie and Haley