February 24, 2009

Spring Weather in Colorado today

You would not know that it is February by the weather today in Denver. It is a beautiful spring day and supposed to be a high of 68 degrees. Boy do I love this weather and wish I was home cleaning out the garage. I did get a couple of hours done on Sunday, but it was to put in 2 filing cabinets that I was given full of craft supplies.

I am a crafter in crafter heaven. One of the gals at the antique store is working on cleaning out her craft room and gave me all kinds of stuff, FREE, fabric, lace, ribbon, doll hats, patterns, and so much more. Do you know what it like for a crafter to be looking at this stuff???? I am like a little kid on Christmas morning. I now have ribbon & lace to last me and my childs lifetime. Guess that I'd better get some real work done within the next few weeks.

Enjoy this Colorado weather.